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All the below mentioned programs are designed by Sajan Shah. These programs are not the motivational program instead all the programs are strategically designed with more than 12 years of field experience and after touching over 5 Million Lives.

Our all programs are 100% Money Back Guarantee Programs. If after attending any of the below mentioned program, you didn’t feel you have learned enough to create a more fulfilling and inspiring life, simply hand in your program materials. We’ll send you a complete refund, no questions asked.

1. The Hero Program

4 Days… 40 Hours… 30 Sensational Subjects… 20 Life Changing practical experiments and 1 Purpose – Unleash the Hero Within. If you want to experience and accomplish more than most even dreamt of doing in their lifetimes, an ultimate state of energy, physical well-being, personal satisfaction, intense emotion, overwhelming joy and spiritual fulfilment that what the Hero program is all about. The answers you’ve been seeking can be found in 30 modules designed by Sajan Shah which will cover all the aspects of life.

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2. Ultimate Memory Power

2 Days workshop with more than 55 Sensational methods specially designed for all Students. More than 3000 schools and over 4,00,000 Students have witness the transformation in their academics.
This is an exclusive program which Sajan does 7 times in a year in 7 cities of 7 states. This program has been appreciated and Acknowledged by Five times Guinness World Record Holder for the Strongest Memory Across the Globe.

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3. Personal Life Counseling sessions

Allow Yourself to see the Hope Inside you through us with our Life Counseling Session with Sajan Shah. A lot of people have gone further than they have thought they could because someone else thought they could. 
Remember it’s about – Let’s go do it, not “You go do it.”…If you ask someone about their success, you’re likely to hear about an influential mentor. Whether it’s professional, personal, or spiritual, mentoring is often a catalyst for growth and accomplishment.
Regardless of the context, mentors offer steady support, hope, wise guidance, experience, and critical encouragement. Sajan’s Personal life counselling session will
take your life to Next Level.

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4. Business Mentorship Personal Counselling Session

Experience is vital but experience alone is insufficient, unless that experience produces learning that deepens expertise and strengthens personal qualities.
Allow yourself to experience the game changing strategies which will turn around your personal and professional life completely over our first ever Business Mentorship Counselling Session with Sajan Shah. Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not around. Let’s Make it BIG and let’s make it LARGE
this time. 

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5. Boost Your Business Corporate Session

Challenges are what make life Interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. Welcome to the most inspiring and a sensational session to take your business on next level. Boost Your Business Series By Sajan Shah. A Step which will bring you and your company much more close to your goals. A series which will help you to transform your ideas into reality. Let’s the Journey of
Transformation Begins from this Moment 

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6. Catch a lie Session

First Time in India. One of the most mesmerizing session to master the human expression in 3 hours is here. Catch a Lie Session by Sajan Shah. 3 Hours… 50 strategies. Become an expert of micro and macro emotions. Learn to analyze and catch a lie in less than 1 second.

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7. Parenting Session

Behind Every Child Who Believes In Himself Is A Parent Who Believed In Them First. A Special Personal Counselling Session on Building a Positive Happy Home Culture By Sajan Shah. Specially designed for all the Parents who is seeking to unleash all the massive tremendous potential of their children through right strategies and right actions. Gear up and let’s go through the world of unlimited scopes of improvement, opportunity and happiness.

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8. OPEN Public Programs

Every Year Sajan Customize 45 programs for every individual seeking transformation their life which comes LIVE on YouTube too which are mentioned below. All the below mentioned programs are totally free and will transform your life to next level. Book your NEW Session NOW!

Duration: 30mins to 2 hours
– Life Without Limits
– You vs You – Inspirational Web Series
– Non Stop Motivation
– Challenge yourself to Change Yourself
– Setback to Comeback
– Endless Motivation
– Let’s Make it Possible
And Many More.

Drop your Inquiry NOW and Book Sajan for an extraordinary one of its Kind New Motivational
Session at your place.