Sajan Shah

About Sajan Shah

Sajan Shah is a young, energetic motivational speaker and transforming lives is his mission. His passion is to help people reach self-realisation and create extraordinary changes in their lives. Whether it is a 90-minute talk or a one-week seminar, Sajan’s electrifying speeches arrest the attention of his listeners with his strong messages and unique style.

Contribution towards nation

United First is an Initiative Working on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 India. It’s a Platform and Consortium for Uplifting Humanity.

Focus on 17 SDG's

Centric Focus to support India to Achieve the Benchmark of 17 UN SDG 2030 Target

United First Application

Designed specially to involve youth of our country for Social Development.

+6850 Long Term Drives

Long term Drives usually help society to initiate mega movement pertaining to Long-Lasting Development.

+3250 Short Term Drives

Short Term Drives helps to initiate instant awareness drive to start a new transformation in the Society.

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