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Sajan Shah

PARENTING SERIES – Building a Positive Home (Hindi)


Join “A Parenting Series” by Sajan Shah: a 20-episode course for joyful, harmonious homes. Learn to strengthen family bonds and navigate parenthood confidently. Enroll now for a brighter future with your family!

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Welcome to “Parenting Series for Building a Positive Home Culture” – your ultimate guide to nurturing a thriving family environment. Drawing from 14 years of experience and impacting 15 million lives, Sajan presents a transformative 20-episode course. Tailored for both parents, this journey offers invaluable insights and actionable strategies to strengthen bonds and cultivate lasting happiness. Join us in shaping a harmonious home filled with love and fulfillment!

“Unveil the keys to a joyful home and fostering resilient family ties in our transformative Parenting Series, curated by renowned motivational speaker Sajan Shah.”

What is the Parenting Series?

Benefit from Sajan’s 14 years of vast experience, having touched the lives of 15 million individuals, with our special “Building a Positive Home Culture” parenting course. Our thoughtfully crafted Parenting Series is tailored for parents like you, aiming to foster a positive home atmosphere and enhance overall happiness. Designed to address the challenges of modern parenting, this series offers actionable strategies to make a tangible difference in your family life.

“Create a positive heaven at home with our proven strategies in the Parenting Series.”

  • 20 Actionable strategies for creating a positive home atmosphere
  • 20 Tips for promoting overall happiness in your family
  • 20 Tailored content addressing modern parenting challenges
  • 20 Thoughtfully crafted course designed for parents like you
  • 20 Practical guidance on fostering healthy parent-child relationships

20 Episodes – Dive into One Episode Each Day and in Just 20 Days, Witness the Transformation of Your Home into a Haven of Positivity.


Episode 1. Don’t Seek Your Reflection
Episode 2. Setting Smart Limits
Episode 3. Dealing with Shyness
Episode 4. The Importance of Sports
Episode 5. Learning to Give Respect
Episode 6. Teachers as Preachers
Episode 7. Mistakes as Our Greatest Teachers
Episode 8. Embracing Constructive Criticism
Episode 9. Cultivating Reading Habits
Episode 10. Fostering Independence
Episode 11. Avoiding Comparisons Among Your Children
Episode 12. Overcoming Addictions Together
Episode 13. Nurturing Spiritual Growth
Episode 14. Cultivating Effective Study Habits
Episode 15. Setting the Right Role Model
Episode 16. Building Character Together
Episode 17. Adding a Personal Touch
Episode 18. Managing Expectations Wisely
Episode 19. Embracing Change and Growth
Episode 20. Unleashing Creativity in Your Family

Upon completing all 20 episodes of our “Building a Home Culture” series, parents can anticipate a multitude of benefits, including:

1. Improved communication skills within the family.
2. Strengthened parent-child relationships based on mutual respect and understanding.
3. Enhanced ability to set and enforce boundaries effectively.
4. Increased confidence in addressing challenges related to parenting and family
5. Creation of a positive and nurturing home environment conducive to growth and
6. Greater empathy and compassion towards each family member’s unique needs and
7. Development of healthy habits and routines that promote overall well-being.
8. Reduced conflicts and tensions within the family, leading to a more harmonious
9. Enhanced resilience and adaptability in navigating life’s ups and downs as a family unit.
10. Cultivation of a strong sense of unity and belonging among family members.