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1. Sajan Shah Application – Contribution to self

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2. United First, United Nations SDG 2030 India

United First: Empowering Change for a Brighter Tomorrow. Together, we are forging a global community of leaders, youth, and visionaries committed to making a difference. Our mission is to inspire and unite individuals from all walks of life to create positive change and foster
a sustainable future. Join us in our journey to connect, transform mindsets, and build a world where every action contributes to a brighter tomorrow. Reach out to us at [email protected] to be part of this inspiring movement and make your mark on the world.”

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3. Contribution to the nation

Social Execution Drive (2024-2025)

Head Organization:

PSP Foundation, Sanjay Ghodawat Foundation, Shatayu Foundation, Live to inspire Charitable Trust, Ostwal and Khushi Ambient Media.

Supporting Organization:

JITO, Bharat Vikas Parishad, Tide Foundation, SRK Foundation, Arvind and Company, Lions, Rotary, FICCI, TPF, Teamex and more.

List of Social Execution:

  1. Prosthetic Limbs (Hands)
  2. First Zero Consumption School
  3. Kindness on Wheel Car
  4. Clean Water/Water Filtration + Toilet – Development
  5. Rain Water Recharge Drive
  6. Bio Degradable Sanitary Napkin
  7. Kangaroo Mother Care Sling Bag
  8. Hand Band – Gift Drive (1,00,000)
  9. Mangroves Drive
  10. Sanitation Family Kit
  11. Transport Logistic – Spinal: -Support Drive
  12. Eye Glass Support Drive for Rural Schools

National Supporting Drive with Sajan Shah:

“Season of Learning 2024”
  1. Organ Donation Commitment: 50,000 People.
  2. Over 5,00,000 Students Participating: Youth Motivation Forum.
  3. Over 5,00,000 Students will execute Plantable Pencils Drive with Climate Actions.
  4. Over 1,00,000 Parents will execute UV Glasses Drive for Safai Karmachari.
  5. Over 450 Schools and Organization across India will join – “Season of Learning Initiative.”
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