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Sajan Shah

Parenting & Studenting – Book for Family




“Parenting and Studenting: It’s Not Just About Home, It’s About Emotions and Culture,” Sajan Shah embarks on a journey to equip readers with a comprehensive roadmap for encouraging robust family dynamics. Rooted in the belief that family cohesion is essential for personal and collective growth, this book endeavors to guide readers in uncovering their innate strengths, clarifying objectives, refining actions, and nurturing an environment of positive emotions and cultural values within their households.

The second part, aptly titled “studenting,” shifts the focus to the reciprocal relationship between today’s youth and their parents. Through 50 insightful actions, Shah illuminates pathways to strengthen the bonds between generations, fostering mutual understanding and respect.

Age: 8 years and above

Number Of Pages: 259

Publish Date: 07-02-2024

Language: English

Author: Sajan Shah